May 12 - 13

Silverstone National

At last!!!! The team was up to its full capacity, all three cars were entered into this round.

Marc qualified in a good 3rd position, Dan got 7th and Dax did not qualify as his engine let go on lap 1 of qualy. This resulted in Dax driving 400 miles to collect his spare engine that was being completed as he drove to Folkestone. The rest of the team concentrated on removing the fire damaged engine and getting the other 2 cars ready for race 1.

Marc was pushing for the lead when a technical problem occured, making him drop back. He held of Timms to secure 3rd spot and another trip to the podium. Dan finished but only just as his battery was not charging.

Dax got his car ready for race day 2, surely nothing else could go wrong.

Qualy 2 was going well for all 3 cars until Dax broke down on lap 4 with a fueling issue. This was quuickly resolved when the car was returned to the pits. Marc got 4th on the grid, Dax 5th and Dan 7th. Some close results.

Race 2 started, Dax dropped to 6th, Marc stormed to 1st but then started to drop back with the same Saturday problem. He eventually retired. Dax made his way up to 3rd overall and finished in that position with Dan retiring in the latter stages.


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