Current Partners

St. Cross Electronics, formed in 1983, is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of cable harness assemblies offering the complete interconnect solution.

From the birth of the team, St. Cross Electronics has been the principal sponsor. As St. Cross manufacture cable assemblies for motorsport applications, there is a very good tie in between the business and the team.

"By concentrating our resources on the development of modern production techniques and investing heavily in staff training we can offer a wide range of cable harnesses and sub-assemblies to the right standard, at the right price and, most importantly, on time" - Dax Ward

They are approved ISO9001:2000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

When Marc joined the team, he brought new partner Just Remortgages to the team.

Just Remortgages are regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) 565980. They give advice and recommendation to all clients that need help arranging a mortgage or loan; as a packager they deal with everything from start to finish, so you will never need to talk to the lender. Their staff are trained specifically with the customer in mind and every time you call there will be a smile at the end of the phone.

Just Remortgages prioritises premium information and friendly customer service. Even if you have had difficulty in obtaining credit previously, a qualified financial adviser from Just Remortgages will be assigned to help you, taking care of the paperwork from the outset, and looking out for your financial interests with a friendly, professional outlook.

Just Remortgages bring hope to people by securing a better financial future for them, providing individually tailored financial solutions for all kinds of borrowers. Whatever your situation, Just Remortgages could help you.

Team member Zoë Timbrell works for Titan Motorsport who are based in St Neots.

Titan was founded in 1971. At that time, the company's business was the design and manufacture of single seater racing cars and engine preparation. As the company developed, the design, manufacturing and assembly facilities expanded to meet the worldwide demand for our motorsport products and services.

Titan manufacture an extensive range of products for both automotive and motorsport markets. Such products include steering racks, sump systems, bell housings, oil pumps and limited slip differentials.

Since 2008 TRS have supplied safety harnesses to the team together with tie down straps for transportation of the cars.

TRS has been making top quality harnesses since 1989, exporting to 24 countries in 5 continents. TRS’ main customer base is Motorsport, but it is increasingly involved with military, marine and aviation industries. Prototype and made-to-measure projects are a TRS speciality. TRS are registered to ISO 9001-2000.

Aurok, based near Alton Hampshire, are for 2011 the choice for damper and chassis set up for the team.

Aurok Ltd are the UK distributor for the Öhlins suspension products. They are responsible for 95% of the car product in the UK. In conjunction with our network of agents we provide design, development and production services for some of the worlds major racing teams in GT, Formula, Touring, Off Road and Rally cars. We have also helped develop suspension products for the European Truck racing manufacturer and previously have provided scrutineering services for A1GP and Formula Renault following these series all around the world.

Pro-Shift manufacture world class paddleshift gear change systems from their factory in Derby, UK. The PS3 systems have been fitted to car numbers 29 and 30 for the 2011 season, with successive wins straight out of the box.

Equally suitable for racecars and superbikes this patented paddle-shift gearshifting system will not only provide F1 style gearshifting technology for top of the range racecars fitted with rotary gearbox potentiometers it will also provide a fully integrated stand alone closed loop system for vehicles without rotary pots thus extending the technology available to these vehicles at a very affordable price. The PS3 also provides a first for superbike engines as the system can also provide stand alone truly closed loop technology which was previously unavailable on superbike engines until now, however using Pro-Shift’s unique linear feedback recognition system we can now provide all of the benefits that you get with a racecar’s feedback on all superbike engines.

Willans are famous for their seat belt harnesses, but from 2010 they introduced a fire supression system that is FiA approved.

The plumbed in systems all feature our Advanced Compression Discharge System (ACDS) which enables the use of smaller diameter tubing and fewer nozzles. Willans unique FXT™ tubing is a solid wall aluminium tubing with a thin protective plastic coating which is much more resistant to fire and crushing than tubing used with other systems. The electrically fired systems feature our Patent Pending microprocessor based firing box which alerts the driver when the system is armed via a dashboard LED and also alerts the driver and the scrutineer when the system requires servicing.

Varley Red Top became a partner to the team at the start of 2010.

Varley Red Top Racing Batteries offer an extremely high power to weight ratio. Combine this with a high resilience to shock, vibration and G-force, and you have the most desirable characteristics looked for in Motorsport. For this reason, Varley Red Top batteries are used by some of the biggest names within the industry such as Van Diemen, Tatuus Racing, Mitsubishi Motor Sport, Red Bull F1 and many more, making Varley Red Top the most popular and professional racing battery on the market.

Sabelt came on board in 2010 and are now supplying racing overalls for the team.

Sabelt has been putting quality first for over thirty years. A winning philosophy has resulted in excellence and given life to products that have always been synonymous with high performance and maximum safety.

Mainstays that accompanied racing greats of the past such as Piquet, Prost, Senna, Mansell and Schumacher in their victories; and number ones of today such as Vettell and Raikonen; as well as the teams like Ferrari F1, Red Bull, Ford Rallye Sport, Citroen World Rally Team and many others.

EBC Brakes, based out of Northampton have supplied the team for the last 4 seasons when running in Monoposto.

For 2011 EBC will be the sole supplier of brake pads and fluid.

With a worldwide work force of over 400 people EBC Brakes is an independently owned and managed leader in the brake market, proud of its customers, its products, its success and its people. EBC Brakes produce the largest range of brake pads and brake discs in the world with over 5000 part numbers for every type of moving vehicle. EBC Brakes are made in one of its two specialist factories in the UK and USA. The majority of EBC brake discs or brake rotors are also made in the UK.

A new partner for the 2012 season is Monster Wraps.

Monster Wraps Ltd is a rapidly growing vehicle wrapping and styling company based in Southampton, Hampshire.

Uniquely structured, Monsterwraps is able to offer complete flexibility capable of designing and installing high quality full vehicle wraps, race car liveries, colour changes, custom graphics, signage and banners as well as window tinting. Offering a huge range of colours and textures including carbon fibre vinyl, installs can be carried out at your premises even during evenings and weekends. Vinyl wraps can transform your vehicle within hours, promote your business and can be applied to cars, motorbikes, transport vehicles, equipment, and even interiors and furniture.